Open Call for Submissions of artwork proposals for Zenpukuji Park !

Trolls in the Park is a contemporary art exhibition held annually in November in Metropolitan Zenpukuji Park and the periphery of Nishiogikubo Station, first initiated in 2002.
This year, there will be an open call for the submission of artwork proposals for Zenpukuji Park, welcoming a broad spectrum of proposals from installations (spatial representation) to performance-based work (physical expression).
We look forward to receiving proposals that convey the appeal of this area, incorporating the characteristic culture, history, and nature of Zenpukuji Park, its facilities and the surrounding landscape.

Name: Trolls in the Park 2017 – Contemporary Art Exhibition
Organizers: Trolls in the Park Organizing Committee
Venues (areas open to proposals): Metropolitan Zenpukuji Park (vicinity of the upper pond) [Tokyo, Suginami Ward, Zenpukuji 3-chome]
*Metropolitan Zenpukuji Park is a public park open to the public 24 hours a day (free admission).
Date: November 3 (Fri/Public holiday) – 23 (Thr /Public holiday), 2017

Free entry
*However, participating artists are required to pay an administration fee of 20,000yen following selection.

Exhibitors will be selected by the Organizing Committee through a primary screening based on applications, and through a secondary screening involving a review of applications in addition to interviews with candidates.

Applications must arrive no later than April 22 (Sat), 2017, sent either by email or post.

•The official application form (1 sheet)→appli
•The official proposal form (2 sheets)→Plan
•A summary of previous works and an artist profile (vertical layout on A4 paper / single-sided / freely designed / within 3 sheets).

* Documents exceeding the specified number of 6 sheets will be excluded from the review of applications.
*Please refrain from using staples or plastic files when submitting applications.
*Submitted documents will not be returned to applicants.
– Please send as PDF documents, making sure that filenames include the extension “pdf”.

– Please use the following titles for documents:
Application form → (applicant name) appli.pdf
Proposal form → (applicant name) plan.pdf
Previous works and profile → (applicant name) bio.pdf

•In the case of sending separate sheets for the same document, please add a number to the filename: For example (applicant name) plan1.pdf
•When sending via email, please write “Trolls 2017 Application” in the subject box.
•The overall file size should be within 3MB.

For applications sent by post, please send to this address:
167-0024 Tokyo, Suginami Ku, Kamiigusa 4-6-2 Attn. Mr. Noda
Trolls in the Park Organizing Committee Office

•No restrictions are made based on age, nationality, or whether applications apply to individuals or groups.
•No restrictions apply to genre, materials, form or size of artwork. (However, this is on the basis that the provisions listed below are met.)
•Proposals are expected to make use of the characteristic culture, history and nature of Zenpukuji Park, its facilities and the surrounding landscape. (Please apply with a rough plan of where you want your work to be installed within the park.)
•Due consideration has been given to maintaining the safety of park visitors and the preservation of the park’s natural environment. (According to the law and safety measures, it may not be possible to realize proposals in the form desired by exhibitors.)

[In the case of spatial representation such as installations, please pay attention to the following.]
•Works must be finished within the stipulated installation period that runs until the day before commencement of the exhibition.
•]Works must be of sufficient durability to be able to withstand all weather conditions for the approx. one-month period of the exhibition (including the period of installation).
•Maintenance (and inspection) of artworks for the duration of the exhibition is the responsibility of the artist.
•It must be possible to return the location used in the park to its original state at the end of the exhibition.

[In the case of performances and other such physical forms of representation, please pay attention to the following.]
•The stage that will be set near to the park administration office, and the park grounds within the upper pond area are the locations assigned for performances. (Seats used both by the audience and customers of a cafe occupying the park during the exhibition will be set in front of the stage on Sundays and public holidays only, 5 days in total.)
•Performances are limited to the time slot of 10am to 4pm.
•Mains power sockets and acoustic equipment is not available to rent from the committee, and so exhibitors are required to provide their own. Generators or mains power drawn from outside the park is not permitted, so only use of battery-operated equipment is possible.
•The number of performances will be decided after consideration of the locations and times requested by all performers.
• Decisions about whether to postpone or go ahead with performances in the case of bad weather will be made through consultation between the committee and performers.
The committee take no responsibility for damage to or soiling of equipment and/or costumes in the case of bad weather or in any other event.

[Prohibited Items and Conduct]
•The use of or entry into areas outside those permitted for the exhibition.
•The use of light or sound that is harmful to the park and its surroundings.
•The use of fire, smoke, or large amounts of water.
•The collection of admission or performance fees.
•The sale of artwork.
•Infringement of copyright or publicity rights of third parties, or representation contrary to public order or morality.
•In principle, all exhibitors are expected to participate in the second screening (selection by interview held May 16 (Sat)), the general meeting (June), a public explanation of proposals (September) and the art tours held during the exhibition (first and last day).

Areas permitted for installation of artwork
Depending on the specifications of the artwork, some areas may not be suitable for use.

[Other Provisions]
1. In relation to artwork rights
Copyright of artworks remains the sole property of the exhibitors. However the organizers reserve the right to use artworks for the printed advertising, the website and posting on other web-based media, use in catalogs, the production of goods relating to the exhibition, and for the general administration and public relations of the exhibition. The organizers also reserve the right to make modifications or changes to the images of artworks for such purposes.

2. In relation to expenses
Costs relating to production, de-installation, postage, travel, transportation, and accommodation incurred during the application process and the exhibition are the responsibility of exhibitors.

3. In relation to exhibited works
As a general rule, exhibitors are expected to realize works based on the plan submitted during application. In some cases, the organizers may request changes to the content of works in cases when, after consultation, it is deemed necessary from the point of view of safety or maintenance, etc.

4. Use of Personal information
The organizers will safely manage the personal information of applicants, and shall not provide it to third parties. However, the use of personal information provided by applicants may be used at the time of implementing the current exhibition or for documentation sent to the applicants of the following year. The name, CV, and image etc. of exhibitors will also be published.

5. Other additions
•Only applicants deemed to have accepted the content of these requirements at the time of application will be considered.
•No exceptions can be made in regard to the final selection.
•Refusals to participate on the part of exhibitors are not permitted once exhibitors are confirmed (after the results of the second screening have been issued).
•Participation in the exhibition may be cancelled if applicants violate these regulations.
•The organizers will make a decision after consultation should there be any issues relating to the selection process or the signing of contracts after confirmation of exhibitors not described in these guidelines.

Enquiries are only accepted by e-mail. In some cases, there may be a delay in the organizers’ response.
*All applicants will be notified of whether their applications were successful in the primary screening. (scheduled to be sent at the beginning of May)
*Only successful applicants will be notified in the second screening.
*No response can be given to questions regarding the results of the selection.
*Based on the proposals made in the applications, artworks will be realized through meetings between the organizers and exhibitors to discuss the safety, durability, laws relating to natural parks and the fulfillment of any other legal requirements.
*Verification of proposals will take place in the form of an explanation of artworks for the general public, in addition to confirmation by park administrators of exhibition plans and the final location of artworks prior to commencement of installation.
*An art tour for the general public (the first and last day) is planned during the exhibition. The participation of all exhibitors is requested.



読み込み中... 読み込み中...



「善福寺」または「桃井第四小学校前」 バス停下車徒歩5分
JR/地下鉄 荻窪駅から
北裏行 または武蔵関駅行 「善福寺」バス停下車徒歩5分
南善福寺行 「善福寺公園」バス停下車すぐ
JR/京王井の頭線 吉祥寺駅
西荻窪駅行 「東京女子大学前」バス停下車徒歩10分
JR/京王井の頭線 吉祥寺駅
西荻窪駅行 「東京女子大学前」バス停下車徒歩10分
西武新宿線 上石神井駅
南口 徒歩15分
南口バス乗り場 西荻窪駅行 「善福寺」バス停下車徒歩5分