Open Call! Artwork Proposals for Town and Park

Trolls in the Park 2020

Application deadline
Applications must arrive no later than April 24 (Fri), 2020.

For further information:http://www.trollsinthepark.com/application/

【Purpose of Open Call】
Trolls in the Park is a contemporary art exhibition held annually in November at various locations between Nishi-Ogikubo Station and Zenpukuji Park. This year, too, the Organizing Committee welcomes a wide range of proposals, including installations and site-specific performances at the Metropolitan Zenpukuji Park, as well as exhibitions and performances that create new encounters with the town and shops of Nishi-Ogikubo.
In particular, this year we aim to create an art exhibition that conveys the power of art to the next generation, viewing Trolls in the Park as a large museum. This doesn’t mean, however, that we seek art children can easily comprehend. We anticipate artworks rich in creativity, proposed by adults serious about inspiring children. Contrary to art projects that utilize buildings of closed schools, Trolls in the Park offers a living school as a venue to realize workshops, exhibitions and performances. Encountering the candid, unprejudiced eyes of children also offers artists the opportunity to learn and gain insight. We look forward to receiving proposals for ambitious works that offer opportunities for children and adults to experience, appreciate and interact with art in an everyday environment.

【Theme】 Bewilderment

Contemporary art can sometimes cause ceaseless bewilderment. But in an age where answers are soon reached by searching online and comprehensibility triumphs, perhaps what is important, strangely enough, is to encounter surprise, doubt or confusion that momentarily causes the mind to go blank.
We look forward to being bewildered by eccentric, perplexing, magnificent and mysterious proposals!

【Call for Artworks】
A. Site-specific work in Metropolitan Zenpukuji Park (installation, sculpture, architecture, etc.)
B. Performance work in Metropolitan Zenpukuji Park (performance, theater, dance, pantomime, music, etc.)

Town area
C. Site-specific/Performance work at Momoi Daishi Elementary School (playground, school building, corridors, etc.)
D. Site-specific/Performance work and projects in shops, galleries and on streets of the Nishi-Ogikubo and Zenpukuji area
E. Site-specific/Performance work and projects at Hazuki Hall House (Zenpukuji 2-30-19 Suginami-Ku, Tokyo)

※A combination of any of the above is also possible

【About the Exhibition】
Name: Trolls in the Park 2020 Contemporary Art Exhibition
Organizers: Trolls in the Park Organizing Committee
Venues: Metropolitan Zenpukuji Park (vicinity of the upper pond) ((Tokyo, Suginami Ward, Zenpukuji 3-chome))
*Metropolitan Zenpukuji Park is a public park open to the public 24 hours a day (free admission).
MOMOI Daishi Elementary School, Nishi-Ogikubo area
Date: November 3 (Tue/Public holiday) – 23 (Mon/Public holiday), 2020



読み込み中... 読み込み中...



「善福寺」または「桃井第四小学校前」 バス停下車徒歩5分
JR/地下鉄 荻窪駅から
北裏行 または武蔵関駅行 「善福寺」バス停下車徒歩5分
南善福寺行 「善福寺公園」バス停下車すぐ
JR/京王井の頭線 吉祥寺駅
西荻窪駅行 「東京女子大学前」バス停下車徒歩10分
JR/京王井の頭線 吉祥寺駅
西荻窪駅行 「東京女子大学前」バス停下車徒歩10分
西武新宿線 上石神井駅
南口 徒歩15分
南口バス乗り場 西荻窪駅行 「善福寺」バス停下車徒歩5分