Trolls 2010 - Exhibition Information

Taking place in the rare urban oasis of Zempukuji Park,‘Trolls in the Park’ is an open air art exhibition which gives people of all ages the chance to experience art on an everyday level over a period of three weeks as they move between urban space (town) and green space (park). In this the 9th Trolls exhibition we have tried a new approach, developing a program of events in town and park which combines both sculptural and performative modes of expression.

‘Green’ Event Space: Zempukuji Park

Open Air Exhibition Sound Walk in the Park PerformanceArt TourJoy’n de SymposiumOpen CafeNue no Kai Group Exhibition
※ In the event of rain, art tours will be cancelled. All other events will be held at the local Momoi Elementary School.

‘Urban’ Event Space:Youkobo Art Space

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Exhibition scenery in 2008

Exhibition scenery in 2008

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