Trolls in the Park 2013 - Connecting Green and Urban Space

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by train / by bus
(Route 1)
OGIKUBO STATION (JR Chuo, Sobu lines, Marunouchi subway and extended Tozai line)[10 to 20 minute bus ride]

1) North Exit bus stop no.0
Take any bus going to Kita Ura (北裏) or Musashi Seki station (武蔵関駅) . Get off at Zempukuji bus stop (善福寺). [5 minutes walk to Zempukuji Park]

2) North Exit bus stop no.0
Take any bus going to Minami Zempukuji (南善福寺). Get off at Zempukuji Koen Mae bus stop (善福寺公園前) The bus stop is directly next to Zempukuji Park

(Route 2)
NISHI OGIKUBO STATION (JR Chuo, Sobu lines and extended Tozai line) [5 to 10 minute bus ride]
North exit bus stop no.2
Take any bus going to Kami Shakujii station (上石神井駅)or Oizumi Gakuen(大泉学園駅). Buses come about every ten minutes. Get off at the 7th stop - Zempukuji bus stop (善福寺)

(Route 3)
KAMI SHAKUJII STATION (Seibu Shinjuku line)
15 minutes walk from the South Exit
Zempukuji Park
Zempukuji 3-9-10, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 167-0041
For further information, please contact Trolls in the Park 2012 Organizing Committee