Trolls in the Park 2013 - Connecting Green and Urban Space

Performer Title Time 3(Sun) 4(Mon) 10(Sun) 17(Sun) 23(Sat)
Radio Pachi Pachi Golden Bat Episode 80 “The Bat Magic Show and Mystery Magicians’ Troupe Showdown” 20min 10:30
Kappore, Kappore, Yoitona Let’s Dance Kappore! 20min 11:00
performance unit SCAVECCHI Run, Melos! 20min 11:30 14:00 14:30
Taketaro MIKUCHI Reading 20min 12:00
Hiromi and PINMY Club Walking Performance 2~3hours 13:00-14:30
Kosuke Tsuji・Keiko Torigoe A pondside walk concert 2013: dedicated to the forest, a habitat of various sounds! Vol.4 60min 14:00
Zempuku Trio Life on Parade 60min 11:00
Sam Stocker The colour of the sunshine. 20min 14:00
Hikaru Otsubo FANFARE 30min 15:00 15:30
Fu-mime Fu-mime for children 20min
YUMIKO YMK's DANCE SESSION 10~15min 12:30 11:30
Art Tour 10~15min 12:30~14:30 11:00~12:30
Art tour for kids
Open Café 10~15min 11:00~16:00 11:00~16:00 11:00~16:00 11:00~16:00 11:00~16:00
★Three performances of Fu-mime are scheduled for weekdays during the exhibition period
★Events will still take place in light rain, but will be cancelled in bad weather.
Date Time Title Place
■MOMOSHI Community School
Nov 9 14:00〜 「Everything 0 yen sale MOMOSHI Shop Arcade 2013」
Ryozo Takashima
MOMOSHI Community School Scoolyard
Case of rain: MOMOSHI Sports Hall
Nov 16 8:50〜12:20 MOMOSHI Festival MOMOSHI Sports Hall
Nov 17 18:00〜 Screening MOMOSHI Sports Hall
■Shinmachi Ginza
Every Sunday 9:30〜11:30 「Everything 0 yen sale MOMOSHI Shop Arcade 2013」
Ryozo Takashima
■Shinmachi Ginza & Zempukji Park
Nov 4 12:00-14:30 media+forest
Video Tour “Screening + Local Stroll” Including picnic in Zempukuji Park
11:50- Please gather outside Youkobo Art Space

Trolls burst into the town Produced by Radio Pachi Pachi

This year Pachi Pachi is moving into Nishiogikubo town. The diverse lineup includes an enjoyable parade, miming in a natural food restaurant, talks and butoh performance in a renovation cafe among others♪

Date Time Title Place
Nov 2 13:00~ Troll Joyful Parade An exciting parade full of surprises where participating artists and performers will walk in procession from Nishiogikubo station to the park venue.
Start near Nishiogikubo Station
※Schedule subject to change depending on the weather.
※Please refer to the "Trolls in the Park 2013" blog for more details about the route and time plan.
Nov 10 10:00~・
Yamaya Buiding 3F 3-1-9 Nishiogi-kita Suginami-ku
[Tue - Fri] 11:00 - 23:00 [Sat/ Sun] 12:00 - 22:00 Closed: Mondays
Nov 5 - Nov 24 Photo Exhibition of Prformance Section Photo history of performance events since 2010
Nov 4 17:30~20:00 Kousuke TSUJI Keiko TORIGOE Siroshi WASHINO
Talking Event “Sound Scape in Zempukuji”
About "A pondside walk concert 2013"

Keiko Torigoe(Soundscape researcher)
Kosuke Tsuji(DaNemo)
Hiroshi Washino(Toshigakushi Project)
Students of Aoyama Gakuin University

Fee: 1,000 yen (including 1 drink)
Nov 15 19:30~ Hikaru OTSUBO 「FANFARE」 Otsubo is a famous butoh dance artist, born in Zempluji.
Let's enjoy his anazing stage! Programn:2011-13 omnibus

Fee: 2,000 yen (including 1 drink)
Balthazar Restaurant
Hobbit Mura 2F 3-15-3 NIshiogi-minami Suginami-ku
11:30~15:00( L.O.14:30)18:00~22:30(L.O.22:00) Closed: Sundays & Nov 12
Nov 3 ~ Nov 23 Photo Exhibition of MOMOSHI Kids & Trolls in the Park Photo exhibition of the wokshops held in MOMOSHI community School. You can find how artsists show the wonder of art to the children.
Nov 8 19:00~20:00 Zempuku Trio
「Life on Parade」
Mime performance by Hashimoto Fusayo and Suzuki Hideki.It is amazing that life comes into the world and grows!

Fee: 2,000 yen (including 1 drink)
Nov 22 19:00~20:00 Fusayo HASHIMOTO
「Mime de Kapore」
In the first section, Fusayo Hashimoto’s pantomime, and in the second section the Kappore by Atabo Momokawa, another name for Fusayo Hashimoto.
Causing a stir in the audience, this will be a masterpiece of Kappore creation. Interesting even on second viewing!

Fee: 2,000 yen (including 1 drink)