Trolls in the Park 2013 - Connecting Green and Urban Space

“Trolls in the Park” is an international open air art exhibition held annually in the Metropolitan Zempukuji Park. Although situated in an urban residential area, the abundance of green surrounding its ponds, make Zempukuji Park a fitting location for an exhibition which seeks to “Connect Green and Urban Space”. Every year in deepening relations with the local community and the neighboring school “Trolls in the Park” has continued to spread these roots in a network within the local society. This year, taking the theme of " Finding Happiness in the Forest ", the 12th volume of this annual event brings together 26 artists with installations, weekend performance events and workshops engaging school children and other local residents.



Organizer: Trolls in the Park 2013 Organizing Committee
Nominal Support:Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, Suginami City, Suginami City Board of Education
Support::Regional Culture Award Tax Accountant’s Fund, Suginami-ku cultural and artistic activities subsidized
Cooperation: Momoshi Community School, Metropolitan Zempukuji Park, Shinmachi Shoeikai, Kanto Bus Co., Ltd, Youkobo Art Space, GALLERY 494,Balthazar, + café(tasu cafe)
Approved by Association for Corporate Support of the Arts, Japan